Wiseway GW-1949-W Non-Electric Pellet Stove

Wiseway GW-1949-W Non-Electric Pellet Stove



Introducing the Wiseway Pellet Stove, a new way to heat your home. This stove has taken the wood stove’s natural draft and incorporated the use of manufactured fuel to give you a precise measured heat value and a continuous burner feed system. The Wiseway Pellet Stove heats your home with zero electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system giving you an affordable alternative heating system. It features a silent operation: absolutely no blower or operation noise. Don’t wait for a power outage, be safe and comfortable with this non-electric patented pellet stove.


Model #:GW1949
Classified:Pellet Fuel Room Heater
Glass Type:5 mm Ceramic
H x W x D52" x 24" x 15"
Hopper:60 Lbs
Dry Weight:131 Lbs
Efficiency Rating:75%
Heating Area:2,000 Square Feet
High Temp Burn Rate:5.5 Lbs Fuel per Hour
High Temp Burn Time:10 Hrs
Low Temp Burn Rate:2 Lbs Fuel per Hour
Low Temp Burn Time:30 Hrs
Heat Output:40,000 BTU
Tested to:UL 1482-11 (R2015)
Tested to:ULC-S627-00
Tested to:(UM) 84-HUD
Tested & Listed by:OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc
OMNI Report #:0215PS047S / 504-S-01-2
US EPA Certified:2015 Particle Emission Standards
Testing Method:28 R5G
Approved for US OnlyMobile Home Installation
Patent #:US7861707
Particle Emissions:1.9 Grams per Hour
Metal Type:3.5" x .120" Wall Steel Square Tube
Moving Parts:N/A
Electrical Parts:N/A
Warranty:View PDF
Location of Manufacture:China and USA
Uses:Homes, Mobile Homes, Off Grid Cabins,
Greenhouses, Tents, Barns, Patios, Decks

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