Independent Stove | Gap 2020

Independent Stove | Gap 2020


The NEW GAP 2020 Patented gravity feed non-electric pellet stove built by Independent Stove.

Reserve your Gap 2020 today for just $50 | Refundable at any time.
Limited Supply, Ramping up production over time.


  • Made in the USA
  • Pellet Stove
  • Non-Electric
  • Gravity Feed
  • Bridging the Gap between Wood & Pellet Stoves
  • The Ultimate Survival Stove

A Full Description of This Amazing Stove!

The new Patented  GAP 2020 model by Independent Stove LLC is a gravity feed non-electric pellet stove. Designed and built by Gary Wisener and Gene Bradley, also known as Smokey, owner of Smokey's Stoves located in Grants Pass and Medford Oregon. Gary is the inventor of the first gravity non-electric pellet stove on the market teamed up with Smokey to bring his amazing new stove to market. Smokey's is the exclusive distributor. The GAP 2020 completely different in so many ways from it's looks to how it operates it will amaze everyone, in fact, nothing on the market will compare to the innovative features this stove has. During EPA testing at Omni test Labs in Portland we were told it was the first stove in five years that has past Canada Mobile Home requirements, that requires stove to operate in a negative pressure environment, the GAP2020 innovated design in how this stove operates is the reason, patented new ideas will have people amazed at how easy to light and operate. This stove has an operating heat output between low of 300 degrees to north of 1000 degrees, making the GAP2020 a serious contender for anyone wanting some serious heat. But controllable down to a small room steady and rock solid where ever you need to operate at. The GAP2020 was safety tested to 7 different applications the one that makes it stand alone is its ability to set in front of any fireplace and vent through the opening and up the flue, it was also approved venting through an O-Clearance fireplace as well as a Masonry fireplace. An additional leg kit and insulation kit is required for the O-Clearance application but a simple 4" liner is all that's needed to vent the stove because it was required to be tested to UL-1482 a wood stove test it still needs min 16" hearth in front of the door in the USA and 18" clearance in Canada but a small price to pay for a stove with so much to offer. With an 80 lb hopper, the stove on low could run between 3 and 4 days on a load but that would vary with draft conditions. Now for those that have no fireplace to utilize a simple 10 " pedestal a rear heat shield and reverse the flue to a vertical position and you can place it almost anywhere in your home bedrooms are not allowed. The GAP2020 was safety tested for a flat wall a parallel wall weather left or right a diagonal corner and an Alcove installation, so you see the GAP2020 will work everywhere. You can even cook on this stove we will be offering a 4 gallon water jacket accessorie with spicket and a oven is in the works also. The stove is going to be in the $2500.00 price range still waiting to see where production costs come in. Being made in the USA and not China is worth the difference. Reserving orders now through Smokey's Stoves and am already blown away with the response just locally with our prototype pictured here.

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